Sunday, November 30, 2008


Jewelry designer Erickson Beamon has designed this over the top yet stunning chandelier. The Japanese pearls hang beautifully. The luster of the pearls with twinkle and sparkle of the Swarovski crystal is to drool over, no other two textures could be more suited. The Erickson Beamon Glam Rock Chandelier is priced at $22, 500, not an everyday item for a gal like myself, but it never hurts to have a wish list right.

from feather to bird

Along with the fashionable trend of feathers comes birds, who would have guessed!
Kate Wilson if a fantastic Illustrator and I just fell in love with her drawings of birds. With the Christmas season starting off I thought I’d share this ever so cute Christmas Tree drawing with you. Ooohhh so fat and plump and snuggled up to each other to stay warm. Now I think about it one may also see is as fat Christmas turkeys lined up waiting for their final destination… tear

etsy specials

I just love all the amazing pieces of work that are being done with feathers at the moment and esty is a great place to find these treats. So many talented people selling beautiful things. What to choose, what to choose…
This is one done by Ferociter. It looks like it should be part of a traditional Maori costume and would look stunning with a plain black dress.

This is also another gorgeous esty find by melissaclemente. I just love the grandness and the colors of the piece.

Bits and Bobs

Looking through Lobster and swan today I came across Hannah Lamb and just had to share! Aren’t they ever so sweet, crafty and girly.

I just expect Thumbelina to pop out the end of one of the glove fingers or to be trapped inside of a jar. How exciting it would be to be Thumbelina!