Thursday, February 26, 2009


I’m super excited to be heading to Wolf Lair at Bats tonight. Bats is such a fun theatre and had a lovely amateur atmosphere with professional performances.
The play is based around “a young woman with dreams of being a ballerina, at 22 years old she became Hitler's private secretary. She served him right until the bitter end. A glimpse of an ordinary woman caught up in extraordinary circumstances”. What a fantastic play to see with my girls!

Oh how I love girly nights. Though the rugby is on afterwards and both my cousins are playing, so I may have to stop by a bar on the way home and watch for a few minutes. Oh what a shame to see men run around the field! I do live a tough life!

don’t forget the beer fest this weekend...

Firstly the weather is going to be rubbish so either go hard or stay at home. Secondly a reminder that I will be working at the Hoegaarden and Leffe’ tent so come and entertain me.
More info on the event here.

slumdog stars get new homes

I wonder if this will calm down some of the controversy around the movie...

"The young stars of "Slumdog Millionaire" have received a gift of a new home, away from the rubbish strewn slum, following the movie's success at the 81st Academy Awards."

SOURCE: Mindfood

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

a high school influence emerges

I haven’t seen much of Dibbles work since high school, except for his memorial work in London’s Hyde Park (despite the overall dislike for the work I actually really liked it). He was my artist model for my seventh form Sculpture panels. He is a local artist in my home town of Palmerston North and I went out to visit him at his studio and see how he worked. It was so interesting and super inspiring, so you can understand how stoked I am to see the he will be exhibiting in the art gallery just down the road from work. I’m loving the look of his work. These birds are ever so sweet while still having a very emotive look and feel to them. I will defiantly be popping in.

There is an interesting article on him here.

michael pattison

One of the girls I went to design school with (Lauren Marriott) has been just done some modelling for the Michael Pattison winter 09 collection. I love the mixture between the carnival and upmarket style and she hold the clothes so well!

“Consistent with Pattison's passion for quality fabrics; signature textiles include an exclusive vintage silk crepe print and gorgeous engineered merino stripe combined with velvet, tartan, denim and wool jacquard to indulge the eclectic sultry world of Carniv├ále.”

I love these boots, hot! And look at those calves!
Hodded jacket. I see what's happening here!

And the dress! Oh la la.

Once again this style/theme feeds into my crush for all things french.

Monday, February 23, 2009

periodic table of cupcakes

Woman’s Day have made a Periodic Table of Cupcakes . It’s a very sweet way of keeping all your cupcake recipes on hand.

SOURCE: CupcakeCampNZ


Last night at brownies we started our Rainbow Challenge Syllabus. I decided that this term we would do the adventure part as we will do some of the activities on camp and it would be a crime to spend our time inside doing crafts while the weather is still pleasant. So last night we made bubbles. I must admit I choose this activity for my own pleasure and amusement more than the girls. My cousin and I use to have loads of fun blowing bubbles from jam jar lids at my Nana’s.

We initially used the plastic ring from the top of milk bottles, but this didn’t really work. Before long the girls discovered that using their hands was the best way. How could I have forgotten that! I remember spending hours in the bath making bubbles with my hands, softly and patiently blowing the soap mixture into giant bubble that would float across the room and plant itself on the mirror for a few seconds before it eventually popped!


pg 254

Hello Tuesday Crunch. This is my pick from weheartit, page 254. There has been a lot of talk around cupcakes the last few weeks with my Aunty wanting to go into business, Cupcake Camp NZ starting up on twitter and even Johnny Cupcake is having a bake sale (great t shirts!). I couldn’t help but include some of the similar entries that surrounded this lovely cupcake. Yumm, but almost too pretty to eat!

SOURCE: weheartit

Friday, February 20, 2009

markets, food and music

This weekend is the 10th anniversary of the Cuba Street Carnival in Wellington and it’s raining. It’s a shame as it’s such a good weekend with the street filled with markets, bands and food all weekend! As I walked to work this morning I noticed all the cafe’s and restaurants getting into with mardi gras and carnival decorations everywhere. With weather like this they will packed to the brim! Oh well I guess there are other advantages; I would think that rain and the body paint don’t mix too well. The parade will be made extra special!

I unfortunately have a weeding out of town. So won’t be seeing such eye capturing events so I took a few photos of the street on friday morning as i rushed to the gym. It looks so festive and fun! The stores have really got into it and made there establishments very attractive. Be sure to check out the program online!

Floriditas is filled with coloured lamps and Mardi Gras decorations

there is a kissing booth and wishing well at iko iko

Ziggurats has pulled out a few of the party costumes!

And Metropliatan looks really in the spirit with it's coloured windows and lantins

Also be sure to check out Scopa, Ernesto, Good as Gold and Hunters and Collectors. Along with a bunch of others! Good on you wellington! I am proud of your spirit despite the weather.

the ultimate farmers daughter

Last weekend I was at home for a hen’s party as my cousin is getting married today! My mother also held a Kitchen Tea for her on Sunday. There fore I was the ultimate Farmer’s daughter rushing in off the farm to help make Peti fours, drinking cups of tea and dolling myself up to help entertain guests.
Oh how i miss it now living in the city!
With the dogs on the back of the truck barking at anything that moves we drove around the sheep farm up in the hills. It’s so mesmerizing watching the rolling hills sit like layers of pastry, speckled with sheep, bush and fence lines. My brother showed me where they had been hunting and shot two deer a few nights beforehand. It’s some how comforting to be reminded that no matter what life throws at you you always have home; the land to come back to and rely upon as it gives you all the necessities for living.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

colourful clouds

I took this picture of the sky when I was at the beach house last time I was there. It reminded me of the header of my blog. Pretty similar don’t you think? Almost scary how similar reality and imaginary items can be!


You may have seen the fatso TV adds that are on at the moment. I am rather stoked to hear about this service as one of my New Year’s resolutions was to watch films. So far it hasn’t been working out too well as once I have got home from work , had dinner and a shower I sit down to realise that nothing on the 365+ channels interests me. I can’t be bothered to walk down the road to the DVD store and then decide what I want to watch so this option is perfect!

Fatso allows you to “Create a list of DVDs you want to watch” and they will send them to you free. “Once you watch a movie send it back in one of the Freepost return envelopes to receive the next available DVD from your list.” You can choose all different types of plans allowing you to keep up to 6+ DVD’s at once. “How many you watch depends on how quickly you view and return your DVDs! There are no due dates or late fees.”

It’s sounds like the perfect service for the rainy months ahead as well! At the moment fatso are doing a free 2 week trial. I’m defiantly going to give it a go starting with a few documentaries I missed at last year’s film festival!

a real life doll's house

Aren’t these images so sweet. It’s like a real life doll’s house!


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

nice vs lovely


Today I noticed that my saying at present is “yeah that would be nice”. Nice! Really... when did I start using that word on a daily bases to describe the things I want to do?

I use to hate the word, as I used it to describe girls that I went to High School with. People would ask you “what’s so and so like?” and you would say oh, she’s a nice girl. Meaning she has limited drive, goes along with everything, is everyone’s friend and does everything, just so. To me that = boring and bland.
So it got me pondering... Should I carry on with the use of this word, as it is kind of amusing to me that over a period of time my opinion hasn’t changed on the word but my liking for the word has grown due to context.
Or should I find a new word that is more descriptive to my true emotion. Which would require me actually thinking before I say things rather than just blurting them out.
Humm, I’m not sure.
For the mean time I will replace the word nice with the word lovely.

Nice is defined as; pleasing; agreeable; delightful.
Lovely is defined as; having a beauty that appeals to the heart or mind as well as to the eye, as a person or a face.
I think this is a much better word to express my emotion in most cases.

Well I’m glad I got that sorted!

SOURCE: weheartit

wine clips

Wine Clips are a fantastic way to express one creativity and you don’t even have to be especially crafty to do it! They would also make a wonderful gift for the friend that is always so hard to buy for! So if you fancy yourself as a bit of a DIYer you should check out this post on Design Sponge*.

lobster & swan

If you haven’t seen Lobster & Swan on etsy you should really check them out. They have just put some cute new spring reefs out. Ever so sweet.

sweet hair pieces

I have seen this alot over the past few months. It is ever so sweet. During the summer there is always plenty of flowers in our garden at home and I have taken to picking a few here and there and sewing them onto bobby pins to place in my hair. My Mother and Father laugh at me and my childlike ways. It seems that some things you never grow out of.

SOURCE: {this is glamorous}

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Monday, February 16, 2009

# blacked out?

Why is everyone blacked out? Find out more here! (please, for the good of the creative community)

pg 254

This is my chosen image from pg 254 this week. This is something I do every week (you can find out more about it here). I would like to point out that today doesn’t feel like a Tuesday, it’s not such a drag today. I think it’s because the sun has finally come out after days of rain and cloud. Yay summer is back! Oh how i have missed your smiling face!

Anyway, I have chosen this image for a couple of reasons.
A) Colour
B) Sweetness
C) Aesthetic

It is from the blog Overflowing which is run by a girl who describes herself as “a twenty-something optimistic, hopeless romantic who's a tad bit cynical and overly sentimental.” I like this definition and I like how this picture reflects those qualities.

SOURCE: weheartit

Sunday, February 15, 2009

new zealand’s house of love

Have you seen House of Aroha? The site has been made from the heart of a little Napier based store; Aroha Lamour. It features New Zealand fashion designers, musicians and artisits. It also has an online store featuring pieces from Karen Walker, Zambesi and Worshop, just to mention a few. Currently they have up to 50% off, so defiantly worth checking out! For the designers out there they also give away free fonts that they have worked on like Tairawhiti Arts website and fonts for the Fat Freddy’s drop posters.

pints, blankets and sunshine

Next Saturday (28th of February) is Wellington’s First Beer Festival. It is going to be held at Waitangi Park from 10am till 4pm. It will be a stunning beer garden experience with over 20 breweries presenting 70 Beers with a wide range of predominantly New Zealand beers with a few notable overseas visitors. I will be there presenting some of those overseas visitors, pouring Hoegaarden and Leffe Blonde, so bring your blankets and sun umbrellas and pop down for a few pints.

Tickets are available from iticket at $25 each.

See you there.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

happy friday people

I am off to Palmy for a hen’s night... And I won’t be under the influence of anything! I am having a break! Sigh, how will I coup? Good luck to me and happy weekend to you all. xxx

i can’t even begin to imagine

The Australian bush fires are just so horrible! Above is a video of a A kola being hand fed water by a fireman. Check out the rest of the posting by Daydream Lily, including ways to help. The Red Cross has already gathered over $31 million.

giggling like a school girl.

Today has been a day filled of giggles and laughter, I have been giggling like a school girl all day. I’m so glad I find myself so entertaining and enjoy my own company. Now I think about it this could be a little concerning.... Then again it’s not just me who I find entertaining but my friends as well. Look at this great image my friend Lizzie sent me!

Every time I look at it I can’t help but giggle. I’m not sure why, maybe it’s because I love cows or maybe it’s because I’m actually becoming my Mother’s daughter and I know it’s something my Mum would love.

Thanks Liz, it really set the standard for the rest of my day. xxx

keeping it local

I wondered why he was running so slowly but then I realised the video is a one shot piece. Wow that is a good effort! I wonder how many takes they did? It has been shot along the coast line of Lyall Bay, Wellington by Academy Award –nominated director Taika Waititi.

While I don’t think the video is anything extremely special, it is slightly humorous and it’s always nice to see something local. Good on you The Phoenix Foundation. I wish you were playing at homegrown again this year.

SOURCE : wellingtonista

the subway of sushi

I will admit that when I saw this I was disgusted! I couldn’t imagine anything worse* sitting in my stomach and digesting into something that would probably look the same when it came out as it did when it went in.
But today I was in the area of the new QQrice store on Dixon street so thought I’d give it a nudge. I would like to point out that it is extremely delicious and probably the best fast food I have ever had!
Basically it’s a rice ball filled with your choice of fillings. You get to choose from 6 different rice varieties and whatever you get you have to make sure you get crispy caraway inside it. It is the most tasty thing ever! It ticks all the boxes, carbs, healthy, value for money and meaty, yum, yum, yum!!!

Sorry to my co worker Megan, I laughed at her funny lunch yesterday and probably made you feel like the kid with egg sandwiches.

* Actually I can, most of the stuff on this site! I have never felt so sick in my life! Warning it is extremely graphic!


A friend of mine writes lushmail. This email consist of quotes from the radio live breakfast show staring Marcus Lush. I especially like this quote from this morning’s pool:

“Valentines Day tomorrow and at Rainbow’s End they’re having speed dating on the rollercoaster…which…I won’t judge.”
Is talking to his producer: “so if you wanted to go along to the speed dating, don’t give up on it just because…oh…are you off the market?”

I am all giggles right about now!

I’m trying to convince my dear friend she should start a blog recording all these wonderful things but she isn’t so convinced. Therefore if you would like to join lushmail please let me know by leaving a comment and I will pass your email address onto her.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

i am sad/angry/ hurt

Really I’m just plain disappointed. There is nothing worse than being disappointed; it’s my most dreaded emotion at of them all. If I could choose one thing to get rid of it would be disappointment. It has been raining for three days and today is the worse. This week is known to be the hottest week of the year and the heavens have opened all day, I’m so over it! I am a summer kinda girl not a dreary, rainy day kinda one. I should be stoked being a farmer’s daughter, getting this amount of rain at this time of year is gold. But I’m not! It has made me angry and bitter in my own passive aggressive way.

So I decided to go through my weheartit favourites and find some pics to remind me of the summer that seems to be fading ever too quickly.

Rain rain go away come again... well, never!
Summer and sunshine are my lovers!

SOURCE: weheartit