Wednesday, September 16, 2009

truely girly

This image reminds me of childhood and therefore home. I am also really looking forward to spending some time at home this summer, sitting by the lake, reading on the freshly cut grass, playing on the tree swing and having continuous high tea under the trees.

indie film fest

I saw this article on frankie the other day about the bondi film festival. It is accepting indie films from the public. Oh i would love to go... (hint hint)
. I can't wait for summer; the beach the sun the surf, yum

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

sweet wishes

This picture reminds me of the bus from Into the Wild... well minus the sweet ballet dancers.
Gosh that’s a good movie.

I wish I had known that he died though.

fascination begins at childhood

Seeing this picture made me think about where my fascination with tea cups came from. Like most things I relate it back to my childhood. My cousin and I were the only girls in the family at the time so whenever we visited my Nana she would make an effort to get out the good china and play ladies with us. I appreciate the time she spent doing these things with us and I hope that this still happens with girls today. Though one does doubt... but that’s a whole other rant that I don’t care to press today. For today is a day of aesthetic pleasure for me.
I’m going up to visit her this weekend on top of the grand hill the live upon. It has been a while and I hope to fosic and dabble in the closets and cabinets of my Grandparents old things. And of course play ladies.

a wall of draws

I saw this on design sponge* the other day. I would love a wall that had lots of different, beautiful draws inserted into it. Big, long, decorative ones, heavy, fat, metal ones where I could store stamps and inks, small, sweet, intricate ones with little handles filled with gems and sparkles. And it would reach right from the floor to the roof. I would have a ladder to climb up to reach the most precious draws at the top.

Humm i feel like I’m harry potter choosing my wand now. Ha, my childish fantasies.