Wednesday, December 16, 2009

pretty porcelain

Isn’t this gorgeous!
“Designer Kristen Wicklund is showing a beautiful collection of crocheted cotton lace dipped in liquid porcelain. After Kristen dips the lace in porcelain she fires it in a mold; during the firing the fiber burns out completely and leaves a (gorgeous) hollow porcelain shell of lace.”
It makes me think what else you could do with liquid Porcelain. It seems like a cool material to use.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

myrtle & lace

These wallets are ever so sweet and very urban.

“Myrtle and Lace is the creation of New Zealand born designer Regina Stroombergen [a lovely little lady I attended design school with]. Formed in 2008 the brand started off by making one of a kind wallets out of vintage fabrics and has moved into limited edition pieces using both vintage and new materials including silks and cottons from around the world. Many of Myrtle and Lace’s designs take influence from the past and give this feel off throughout its themes, promotional materials and fabric choices.”

Keep a close eye on movements here.