Sunday, July 5, 2009


So as a hobby I work hospo. I have worked hospo as long as I can remember and when i walk into a bar I feel at home (yes this maybe a sign of an alcoholic... ) So today I competed in the stellar draught masters regional comps for 09 and I’m off to Auckland. Basically it’s a Belgium beer pouring comp that they hold worldwide. The national finals are in Auckland at the food show on July the 31st and the world comp in New York. So if you are around make sure you pop along and watch us do our thing. I have a bit of brushing up to do as I only work at Leuven part time so we will have to see how it all goes. (i’m sure I will keep you posted :)) The other winning participant was Sam from Hummingbird. Aucklanders have been the ones to take out the comp in the past but this year I’m hoping for a Welly participant. Good luck Sam.

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