Saturday, October 15, 2011

life through sepia eyes

I have not blogged for a very long time and I am in two minds if I should start fresh on a clean slate or just pick up sweet pea as if noting had ever happened and continue on. 

In the past I have always liked to shoe-box things. And while it is fun to come back to these shoe boxes years later and sift through I also feel a weight of responsibillty, almost like abanding a child I was to just let sweet pea hang in dirty cyber space with all the other discarded, unwanted, abanded blogs. Like the items is a shoe box these posts are my memoeries. They should be cherished as they are small parts of the puzzel that make up the bigger picture of my life in Wellington. 

However at the same time is not inmportant that a person grows and moves on? And therefore I should be able to leave this as is. This is a great exmaple of a moment in time that I was interested in this. Like playing the drums, having flower gardens and collecting porcaline animals.

hummm I feel it may take a few posts for me to ork throught his one....


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