Sunday, May 3, 2009

opening weekend

The first weekend of May means one thing and one thing only back on the farm. Duck shooting season begins. Everything is put on hold this weekend; rugby is missed, relief milkers are organised and sleep is postponed. Mum spends the days leading up to opening morning baking and cooking so the boys have enough to eat while they camp out in the mi-mis down by the river waiting for the sun to rise and the birds to fly.

My brother Crutch and his girlfriend Steph have a new puppy, Teal the newest addition to their family (now 4 Labradors).

She is so beautiful and ran around the deck smelling and playing with the dead ducks while they are being plucked.

It seems I have officially become a city girl as my hand for plucking is a bit rusty and I don’t take to it quiet as well as the others anymore. I’m more interested in the beautiful colours of the feathers and how they illuminate in the morning sunshine.

Kendall Berry, my kid sister had a photography assignment to do around surrealism. So we did a bit of a shoot...Slightly disturbing... More pics on the farmer’s daughters.

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Jennifer said...

what a cute puppy! looks so much like mine!