Monday, May 4, 2009

sweetness and smiles

Today I was taken by too many images to choose so I just have to share them all with you as they have lifted my spirit and made me smile. Teacups, flowers, girly patterns and retro styles make me all warm and fuzzy inside. This is the point of the tuesday crunch.

I’m particularly drawn to this one, especially after being at home on the farm this week, it reminds me of autumn and duck shooting mornings. The photo has captured the light and atmosphere of the autumn mornings we are having at the moment.

At home the morning sun streamed into the house in a similar fashion. I sat in it inside staring out dreamily at the pond in my blue striped winter nighty hearing the echoes of shot guns; the boys popping off ducks down at the river. Oh it’s always good to come home to the farm.

I also love my Mother’s dinner set. It’s so pretty and sweet. I especially love that the collection is called sweetpea

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Daydream Lily said...

beautiful pictures :)
nope I didnt do a post on you. maybe its just from my blogroll.