Monday, December 15, 2008

celebrations = costume

So on Friday we had our work Christmas party. I love a good party and really any excuse to dress up so I thought it would be fun to come as a sack of presents. Yes I am a bit mad! It wasn’t the most perfect outfit to wear in windy Wellington I discovered but it was ideal for all the amazing food and booze we demolished at chow. Which can I say if a great place to eat. I go there often enough and it is great for functions, small parties or drinks. . They do an amazing banquette which is perfect for a function that will leave even the biggest over grown humans satisfied.

The photo below is a photo later on in the evening, I like it’s lighting and the movement is captured almost perfectly. It pretty much describes the festive atmosphere that lead the night away. However for once I wasn’t the one in the spot light and more the one paying back my dues for old times. It was a rather nice change, oh gosh am I growing up....