Sunday, December 14, 2008

summer sundays

I love summer. Summer for me means strawberries, sunbathing, sleeping and seaside. But most of all I love summer on a Sunday. I usually head up to my beach house on a weekend and spend the day doing all of those things with the good company of family and friends, and this Sunday was the first of the year, with many more to follow.

And when I return home, back to the city I rub coconut oil all me skin and climb onto my lovely comfy bed to paint my finger nails and eat the last of the strawberries. With nice clean white linen I lie there absorbing the way the sheets feel so buttery against my salted, sun kissed skin, (thank the lord for Egyptian cotton sheets).

This weekend I also realised that summer had started to begin when I could finally use the Coconut oil that I got in Port Douglas, Australia. It has sat on my dresser for 8 months, with me waiting for the weather to be warm enough to liquefy the bottle of lard into a tropical dream and I last night I was finally able to rub the gorgeous product all over my skin. The smell of coconut and frangipanes is so intense and keeps your skin soft and fragranced all day. The smell brings back to me the story the Fijian lady who I brought it from had told me. She delightedly informed me that young Fijian women use to go into the bush at night, find the Frangipani flowers and rub the flower on their neck and place them in their hair. The scent was so strong that men could smell it from miles away and would come from villages afar to find the woman. I can believe it, this scent is so strong I can still smell it on me this morning and after my visit to Samoa earlier in the year I also believe this is so. Seeing and being introduced to small parts of the Samoan lifestyle, seeing the way they work off their instincts and still have a strong connection with their environment, their scene of the bush, it makes me understand and appreciate how this story/theory has come about.

You can but this beautiful oil online. It is only $8.50 (Australian dollars) a bottle. And they not only do they have Frangipani but a range of other scrumptious scents as well! It is made by the Banaha People. They describe themselves as the 'Forgotten People of the Pacific'. They have an amazing background of rich history that you can find out more about here.
This would make a great Christmas present that anyone who i
s going into summer will love.

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