Tuesday, December 9, 2008

someone else love accessories too

It seems the cherry blossom girl also has a soft spot for accessories. I love this blog, one of my favourites, done by a recently graduated fashion student who also has a knack for photography. She takes stunning photos including a lot of self portraits, (one of hers above). In this post she looks at her love for accessories, necklaces in particular.

Though I would also like to point out that the blue and white print is on its way in. It reminds me of some of my mother’s china that hangs on the wall. I have also noticed it in some of Kate Sylvester’s collection.

Quite a few of the necklaces featured are from the French factory. Seeing their website I had to share the image above with you as I love the way the photograph their products in context. This one says “j’aime le chocolt” translating to “I love chocolate”. Ooooh so sweet.

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