Wednesday, December 3, 2008

your online wardrobe

I saw the pitch for this a couple of months ago and was ever so excited. So when I received an email informing me of its launch this morning, I was over the moon!

Closet Couture is your online wardrobe, it allows you to see what items you have in your closet and prepare outfits in advance. This is especially handy at this time of year when there is Christmas parties, drinks and catch ups to be had, I would hate for someone to see me in the same thing twice. It also offers a personal stylist option. This is great if you got yourself into a bit of a bother finding a pair of shoes to match that beautiful, new, buttercup yellow dress. You hire a stylist of your choice and they come back to you with a list of options. Personally I have never found the idea of having a personal stylist that exciting. What’s the point of working hard for your money if you can’t go out and spend it! Anyway take a tour and check it out, it’s gold! I can see the i phone app not too far behind.

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