Tuesday, December 16, 2008

limbo is fine by me

I’m a girl-guide leader up at Brooklyn Brownies and on Monday we had our last meet. All term we have been doing a Christmas theme badge so we did all sorts of activities around Christmas; made Christmas wrapping paper, cooked Christmas cookies, sang Christmas Carols at Te Hopia Old Folks home and hospital. We also made decorations for their rooms and trees.

On our last day we decided to keep it fun with getting the girls to wear something to represent the festive season. We also played lots of games and at the end had a Christmas feast.

I will miss the girls over the summer break as being around children brings out the child within me that is always clawing to get when living in such a grown up world. Living in the city with peers and being in an office all day sometimes makes you forget the real reasons for living our crazy lives. In some ways I envy parents, their little ones around there feet keeping them busy and realistic about the world. It makes me realise why my parents aren’t as keen for my little sister to grow up as fast as my brothers and I and are now seeking new ways to keep youth on there side. And them again I am all too happy for it to take as long as possible for all of this to come upon me. Oh limbo, how I love it... or is it more that I hate to love it.

NB: If you were/are a part of Girl-Guides you would know that all leaders are given an owl name. In our brigade there is rainbow owl, barn owl, brown owl and me crazy owl. We were all given a little owl at the end of the year, very sweet. Mine sits on my desk at work, keeping an eye on me and making sure I’m always living by the brownie promise, which is of course always... well not everyone is perfect but I do expect more than a lump of coal this Christmas. ;-)

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