Monday, January 26, 2009

tuesday crunch

I hate Tuesdays’. Most people hate Mondays’ because it’s the start of the week, but for me I rather like Mondays'. They are exciting because it’s the start of the week, a fresh start, a chance to forget about the deboturous events from the weekend; that leave you vowing to yourself that this week will be different, you will not drink too much, you will catch up on some sleep and you will not text your crush to see if he wants to catch up for brunch tomorrow morning. Of course as soon as the first opportunity to give it a nudge rises it’s head you are there with bells on and it spirals out of control once again, sigh.

Wednesday’s are not as good as Mondays but are better as they are hump day and you are officially half way through the week. I rather fancy Thursdays’ as not only is it a good day to enjoy a glass with a friend after work but I find it a good day to settle down and do some serious work. And Friday well that goes without saying, hello weekend!

Tuesdays’ however have nothing, they give nothing to me and I give nothing back. So I have decided to put a positive side on Tuesdays’ and find an interesting image on page 254(my DOB) of weheartit and share it with you all.

So here it is post #1 of weheartitpg254

This is from the blog Una Bella Vita; A Beautiful Life. She takes many beautiful pictures but I’m not sure if these are her’s or someone elses that she admires.

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