Monday, February 23, 2009


Last night at brownies we started our Rainbow Challenge Syllabus. I decided that this term we would do the adventure part as we will do some of the activities on camp and it would be a crime to spend our time inside doing crafts while the weather is still pleasant. So last night we made bubbles. I must admit I choose this activity for my own pleasure and amusement more than the girls. My cousin and I use to have loads of fun blowing bubbles from jam jar lids at my Nana’s.

We initially used the plastic ring from the top of milk bottles, but this didn’t really work. Before long the girls discovered that using their hands was the best way. How could I have forgotten that! I remember spending hours in the bath making bubbles with my hands, softly and patiently blowing the soap mixture into giant bubble that would float across the room and plant itself on the mirror for a few seconds before it eventually popped!


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