Tuesday, February 24, 2009

michael pattison

One of the girls I went to design school with (Lauren Marriott) has been just done some modelling for the Michael Pattison winter 09 collection. I love the mixture between the carnival and upmarket style and she hold the clothes so well!

“Consistent with Pattison's passion for quality fabrics; signature textiles include an exclusive vintage silk crepe print and gorgeous engineered merino stripe combined with velvet, tartan, denim and wool jacquard to indulge the eclectic sultry world of Carniv├ále.”

I love these boots, hot! And look at those calves!
Hodded jacket. I see what's happening here!

And the dress! Oh la la.

Once again this style/theme feeds into my crush for all things french.


Charlotte Hazlitt said...

michael pattisons show at 2008 NZFW was super cool! Hes NUTS! love the model shots!

annie pea said...

yeah his stuff looks amazing!Apparently he is designing uniforms for two of akl's hotels. It will be interesting to see what he come up with.
Where did he study?