Friday, February 20, 2009

markets, food and music

This weekend is the 10th anniversary of the Cuba Street Carnival in Wellington and it’s raining. It’s a shame as it’s such a good weekend with the street filled with markets, bands and food all weekend! As I walked to work this morning I noticed all the cafe’s and restaurants getting into with mardi gras and carnival decorations everywhere. With weather like this they will packed to the brim! Oh well I guess there are other advantages; I would think that rain and the body paint don’t mix too well. The parade will be made extra special!

I unfortunately have a weeding out of town. So won’t be seeing such eye capturing events so I took a few photos of the street on friday morning as i rushed to the gym. It looks so festive and fun! The stores have really got into it and made there establishments very attractive. Be sure to check out the program online!

Floriditas is filled with coloured lamps and Mardi Gras decorations

there is a kissing booth and wishing well at iko iko

Ziggurats has pulled out a few of the party costumes!

And Metropliatan looks really in the spirit with it's coloured windows and lantins

Also be sure to check out Scopa, Ernesto, Good as Gold and Hunters and Collectors. Along with a bunch of others! Good on you wellington! I am proud of your spirit despite the weather.

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