Wednesday, February 11, 2009

i am sad/angry/ hurt

Really I’m just plain disappointed. There is nothing worse than being disappointed; it’s my most dreaded emotion at of them all. If I could choose one thing to get rid of it would be disappointment. It has been raining for three days and today is the worse. This week is known to be the hottest week of the year and the heavens have opened all day, I’m so over it! I am a summer kinda girl not a dreary, rainy day kinda one. I should be stoked being a farmer’s daughter, getting this amount of rain at this time of year is gold. But I’m not! It has made me angry and bitter in my own passive aggressive way.

So I decided to go through my weheartit favourites and find some pics to remind me of the summer that seems to be fading ever too quickly.

Rain rain go away come again... well, never!
Summer and sunshine are my lovers!

SOURCE: weheartit

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