Tuesday, March 24, 2009

i am the other woman...

While I feel bad about this I am rather excited as well. Today it was revealed that Slice Blog has a new crush and it is me! What a special little lady I am. I must admit I do feel bad for Daydream Lily but as they mention in this post they still have a place for her in their heart.

Slice Blog was started to promote and encourage diversity in the arts and culture in Canada. They feature a range of posts including lists of 80’s and 90’s tv shows, appreciating the magnificence of nature, celebrating St Paddy’s day as well as sharing their procrastination techniques such as looking into the “Great Unsolved Mysteries in Candia History.”

I think i find a connection with Slice because they are Canadian. I have always had a soft spo tfor the Canadian culture and Slice are by far no exception.

Eat your heart out people.


daydream lily said...

hehe, hello mistress. Im sure there is enough blog love in the world to share. Very cute blog you have here!!!!!!!

SLICE magazine said...
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SLICE magazine said...

ha ha ha ha ha! OMG I was hoping you two would never cross paths. I guess I'm not as stealth as I thought I was. (Apparently the internet is small... and it's getting even smaller)

But hey, there is definitely enough Blog love to go around...;)

SLICE magazine said...

I've always had a soft spot for down-under!!! I think Canadians and New Zealanders are so much alike! (Australians too), but more specifically New Zealanders. We are both magnificent countries with awesomely chilled out people and we both seem to live in the shadow or are constantly mistaken for our closest neighbors.

When I was living in London my roommate was from New Zealand (Christ Church), and whenever we went out people would think she was Australian and I was American. It was SO irritating.

Anyway, I love the Kiwi's and the Aussies and plan on visiting both countries very soon.

A.B. said...

I wanna Thank you for subscribing to my blog.


annie pea said...

Very true, New Zealanders and Canadian's have plenty in common. Have you seen this video i put up this morning you will love it! My desk buddy and I actually laughed all morning!

And daydream lily I love your blog I am a long time listener first time caller, so it's an hounor to be the mistress to a blog that has such a great lover.

art4friends said...

I just noticed the lovely little mention to you on the SLICE blog (which I don't actually read every single post off, but those lovely sweet treats caught my eye!

Must say I am super excited that you are from the lovely NZ. I am not from there myself, but my partner is, and it is probably my most favourite country ever.

So yes. Just love your blog I shall be a happy reader from now on!!

Renee xx