Wednesday, March 25, 2009

a weekend of adventure

This weekend I’m going on Brownie camp with the girls. Our theme is pirates and I’m ever so excited as this is another chance to dress up and be childish. Not being much of an adventure/camping kind of girl my activity is crafts and so I’m making pirate jewllery. I was so stoked to get keys from the Brooklyn Lock smith for free. During the weekend I did a few keys to see which would work best and it looks like the fine glitter from the Warehouse was the way to go. After this I got a little carried away and started making team symbols for the groups; bones, pirate ships, palm trees, anchors, chest locks and swords. I hope the girls have as much fun as I did...

We are also doing lots of other fun pirate like things; making treasure chests (bellow), having camp fires, treasure hunts and making sail-boat, as well as abseiling, kayaking and flying foxing which will be very in the spirit. Throughout the weekend there will also be gold nuggets to find. At the end of camp the girls can exchange these for chocolate coins, oooh the fun!
It will be an extremely fun weekend, though the weather isn’t looking it’s best and with no cell phone reception, and therefore no internet access with being at the back of Wainuomata I am a little worried. However I’m sure there will be plenty of things to keep myself busy.

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