Wednesday, March 4, 2009

memoirs of a geisha

How beautiful! After watching it, it made me want to be a geisha, well besides the prostitution bit. But other than that I must say it is rather glamorous. I also fell in love with Japan. I always envisaged Japan as being filled with sky scrapers and neon lights, which I’m sure a lot of it is. But in the movie it looked so beautiful, cherry blossoms everywhere, beautiful silks, cobbled paths and interesting hair designs.

My favourite scene was early on in the movie when she is still a little girl and she first meets the Chairman (isn’t it funny that his man is just chairman). The scene is so lovely and chipper; flowers everywhere, snow, treats from a side cart. So dreamy...

Considering the events I thought the movie was lacking emotion. I haven’t read the book but would imagine that like most books that are made into movies that it is a lot better. But overall worth a look, it’s more eye candy than anything.

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