Monday, March 23, 2009

just so dam honest

Last night was one of my co-girl guide leader’s last night as she is off organising the final touches to her weeding before she gets married in a few weeks.

I got the girls to all write a card that we gave to her last night. When I went to add my bit I couldn’t help but laugh at a few of the star words of encouragement and advice the girls gave for Rainbow Owl’s big day.

“I hope you eat lots of cake”
“Have a great Wedding Rainbow Owl; I hope ya don’t get dumped!”.

Hahaha, I love these kids, they are great and just so dam honest. I’m very much looking forward to going on camp with them this weekend! I can’t wait to hear some of these classic calls
, though being out of cell phone coverage with only girls to talk to might be a struggle.

Rainbow Owl we will all miss you at our meets over the next month. Good luck for your special day we will be thinking of you and Mr Rainbow. xxx

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