Wednesday, March 11, 2009

i'm too excited!

This weekend is homegrown!!! Yay, I’m so excited about this weekend. I have family and friends (new and old) coming from around the country to this event and it’s looking like Friday will be just as big as Saturday!

Yesterday my friend Lizzie described her excitement as “fizzing”. With this little picture to help express her excitement, I must say that today I must agree.

Homegrown only started last year but took over from x-air. Last year we owned it staying in the electronic tent most of the day. But this year there are so many things to see and I can see a bit of stage hoping going on.

Must sees are: Kora, State of Mind, Tiki, Dick Johnson, Tim Phin and of course ending up with good old shapeshifter, bringing the crew together despite where we have all wondered off to during the day. Check out the timetable so make sure you print it off and circle your musts. See you there.

I secretly hope everyone feels like cranking hard afterwards with the after party at shed 6 and samies line up on the cards. This is going to be my last big weekend for a while so I will defiantly making the most!

You can also find all these guys on last fm. So put on the headphones and crank away for the next few days, it will definatly put you in high spirits!

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