Monday, March 16, 2009

a pocket of my heart

So on Sunday I spent a good ¾ of the day in front of the television recovering from homegrown. (Which I would just like to say was great as I never seem to have time to just sit and watch rubbish anymore). It seems that it was a bit of 17th century theme going on with docos, films and even reality television series all featuring this time period. Marie Antoinette was featured amongst these. While I found the story slow moving and long (largely due to the lack of sleep) I was taken aback by the beautiful costumes, set designs and props. How exquisite, the French really do know how to live in style. And of course this is how it should be, they were royalty. While many may have found the lavish decoration over the top I was in love.

Layers upon layers of gathered materials and French lace, patterned and textured floraled papers lined the walls with freezers of creams and golds, marble slabs decked the hallways, big hairstyles with curls, feathers and freshly picked flowers and pastries, meats and pyramids of champagne featured at every occasion.

If I could open my heart there is a section in it that would aesthetically* look like scenes from this movie. I just want to climb into the television screen and roll around the set absorbing everything I touch into my heart and soul. Oh how I wish I could get my hands on a time machine and go back to this period. Well only if I was rich and the future Queen of France that is! I’m not so found on being a peasant during this period. Ha!

* Actually it reminds me of these that I made this Christmas.


SLICE magazine said...

love this movie.
Blog Crush alert:We'll announce our love to the world very soon!

Liss said...

Love this movie! I watched it for the second time when it was on that Sunday too, and I loved it even more the second time, maybe cos it had an additional hangover-soothing therapeutic element rather than just purely an awesome yummy-looking film :) It definitely makes me want to eat cake!!