Wednesday, March 11, 2009

see what i mean

When I think about one thing it surrounds me. The attack of the Macaroons! Maybe I need to venture out more and expand my social virtual groups... But it does make me think that I should start day dreaming more often! Starting with dreamy men who can pick me up and carry me away into the sunset, ahhh, a girl can dream

IMAGE SOURCE: the tea drinking English rose.


SLICE magazine said...

It sounds like you're suffering from a healthy dose of the Cinderellas! A spoon full of The Bachelor..."WHEN THE TAPE STOPPED ROLLING", should be just the trick.

(i totally just made that up, so don't google it. lol. Honestly though, I know my prince charming will be knocking on my door any moment now to carry me off into the sunset too!)

SLICE magazine said...

aww sweetpea... we'll totally be your fling. We'll break the news to our current lover as soon as we grow some balls, and transfer our blog crush to you!

We'll keep you posted

annie pea said...

so the day dreaming is paying off! :-)