Friday, June 12, 2009

a delightful little trip

This term at brownies our theme is the animal badge. We have had puppies in from the RSPCA, made animal masks and moulded animal figures out of mazipan. Last weekend we went to the zoo.

Personally I was very impressed with the zoo. I haven’t been there for a good 5 or 6 years and was relieved to see it was no longer just animals stuck in cages. Lush bush now spills onto path ways, themed shelters have been constructed and the animals seem happy to be there. And while there isn’t a great number of animals I was impressed to see the keepers making the most of the ones they did have, bringing them into the new auditorium to do a show and tell (which the girls loves). I was also stoked to see that they are in the early stages of building an animal hospital.

We got very up close and personal with the gariffs as the new enclosure allows one to stand at head height to them while in their holding pens. They circled round and round their 8 m by 10 m holding pen waiting to be feed, working themselves up into a state that was rather surreal and frightening.

My favorite was of course the lions. We were lucky to arrive just as they had been fed and one female lion was happy to sit right in front of us as she feasted on her mid day snack.

Oh the zoo how i love it. But I must admit that it was good to return to the warmth of home and the comfort of my bed as I had been to London Elektricity the night before and was in need of some decent sleep.

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