Saturday, June 27, 2009

family bible

A couple of weekend's ago I went to visit my Grandma Beth (my Dad's Mother). It had been a while since I had seen her and it's always lovely to catch up. I asked if I could see the family bible as I remember only ever seeing this once, when I was a child. As a child I was so interested in these kind of things (family history; photographs, heirlooms, jewelry, trees...etc)   but I viewed from a far as I was to keep my grubby fingers away from it. 

Looking at it now it brought me such pleasure to see the hand written family register that my great great grandfather would have written. Family bibles acted as encyclopedias as books were very expensive to print and this would have been one of the only books in most house holds. There is information on local plants, wildlife and customs, maps and of course the story of the bible.  
One of the only pages that was printed in colour is the lords prayer. I'm amazed at how well the colour has held after more than 150 years. 

While this book is old they aren't worth a lot of money as most families will have one. They hold a lot more centermental value than monetary. This sounds a little cheesey but I hope that one day this is left to me. I would prefer to have this rather than all the diamonds, properties or money that may one day be left to divy up as I know that this has been held in the hands of the wonderful fathers before me.

These pictures were taken with my sister's phone as I was having a technology free sunday this particular day... (crazy I know)

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