Tuesday, June 2, 2009

fluro mag

I was just listening to the guys from fluro magazine on radio Active. I went to uni with a couple of the guys that got it kicking (yes my claim to fame :) ), but very talented people. The mag (which is actually more like a zine) is well thought out and has some really lovely pieces of design throughout. The obvious passion from a typographer is shown through the layout, striking pieces of photography and the writing touches on obvious yet unspoken topics that accumulate in ones’ mind at these times. You should defiantly keep an eye out for the mag floating around the shops of Wellington (iko iko, plum on Cuba, fusion, hurricane jeans, rex royal and the a like).

And if you are in Auckland you should look them up as they are heading up to the big little city (he he) to celebrate the release of their 9th Issue (above). Well done guys, still pumping strong after a year and a half!

Fluro Magazine also have a sweet blog over here as well so make sure you check it out!

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