Saturday, June 27, 2009

floral and sweet with a hint of sparkle

Last week I was in Sydney for one of my best friend's 30th. I wasn't over there for shopping but I did spot this beautiful dress. It was a little out of my price range so I took a picture thinking I could make it... humm dreams are free :) (It's a rubbish picture but I had to take it sneakly as the shop assistant was watching me and I didn't dare try it on as I was scared that I may remove my credit card for an emergency buy .) It reminded me of the jacket that Carry wears to visit Charlotte in hospital when Rose is born.  
Seeing this picture today also reminded me of it as it's so pretty and girly. I really have to find something to wear to a young farmers ball I have in a couple of weeks. I think I may end up making something... but ahh there is never enough time.... 

and then i saw this... if i was to get married tomorrow I would wear this. It's so me. Oh and I would make it look way better than this girl :) naughty i know

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