Tuesday, June 16, 2009

a real life treasure hunt

A hunt for a diamond was on a few of weekends ago. Basically a guy bought his little lady an engagement ring and she turned him down. Instead of selling the ring he decided to give it away by turning it into a treasure hunt for willing participants. Clues were given from Saturday morning via twitter; you can read more in this article.

I was stoked to see this happening, firstly because think how fun it would be to go on a treasure hunt and actually find treasure. Secondly because it’s great to see people still acting like children; running around playing games, both the people participating and the man who decided to get rid of the ring in this fashion. And thirdly because this is a great story of one man’s sorrow being someone else’s happiness. It makes me smile about the world and think there is still good people in it that want to give; they see more in making someone else happy than worrying about money.

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