Monday, June 29, 2009

oh hello skin

I’m still on a high from my lovely weekend of doing a whole lot of nothing in my very own house all by my very own self. Not having commitments is fantastic sometimes and I filled my weekend with baking; cookies, caramel slice and chocolate brownies,

making cheese and butter (a trial for Brownies last night, which went very well and the girls loved it almost as much as I did.)

I also made up a little home baking pack for a friend who had moved into a new flat and the neighbour who fixed our sky dish (major dramas) and went and visited them.

While I didn’t get around to scrapbooking I did buy myself a new one. Isn’t it so sweet...

The rest of the time I filled my day with reading (online and offline :)), getting to the gym and the Sunday market. I have a similar schedule on the books this weekend, however there are a couple of wild cards thrown in there... ha you know who you are. A relaxing weekend does really make a big difference; I feel like my old self, I haven’t felt like her... me, properly for ages. It’s good to be back in my skin.

Oh and the cheese recipe is here and super easy if you want to give it a go!

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