Tuesday, January 20, 2009

a buzzing day

Days later I’m still buzzing from the Big Day Out. I had no intention of going and decided to fly up last minute and do a 24hr mission. I have to admit I failed and brought a new ticket back a day later. I think the reason why I really enjoyed it was because I had no real expectations of who I was going to see. There were loads of bands I wouldn’t really go and see if they were putting on a gig, but having them all in one space let me get a bit more diverse.

Highlights of the day were Pendulum, Sneaky Sound System, Hot Chip and that the Telecom Tents gave out free water (makes or breaks a good day)! But despite all that fun the ultimate set was Zane Lowe’s. I wasn’t familiar with this kiwi’s work but was very impressed. We all came out of the boiler room, not a word to be spoken but by looking at each other’s faces could easily tell it was the best set we had ever seen. He is based in the U.K where he is a DJ, television presenter and hosts a radio slot on BBC1. I’ve been cranking him on lastfm.

Isn’t it amazing how music has this magic, quality that allows you to be transcended a motionless manner through audio, time machine airwaves taking you back to an exact time and place. Smell does the same thing...umm Mum’s cheese scones. Power of the mind ah... creepy

Also here is my profile on last fm so you can check out other music I’m loving at the moment.

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