Sunday, January 25, 2009

in my nana's closet

One of my fondest childhood memories was going to my Grandparents house with my cousin Charlotte. We were the only granddaughters (until my sister was born) so we use to love to rummage through our Nana’s closets.

I say closets because Nana had every closet in the house filled with her wonderful fashionable bits and pieces. She was a dress maker and made all her own hats, gloves, shoes, frocks, handbags, the lot! Later she travelled the world with my Grandfather a lot and continued her collection, love and passion for fashion, collecting pieces that drip with style. As she still does today.

Every so often she decides to do a clean out and puts all the things she no longer wants into a suitcase. She calls up the 3 granddaughters and we zoom round there as soon as we can to pick the eyes out of the treasure chest.

Some gorgeous hat pins, all hand-made ofcourse.. “Apparently everyone had hat pins, how else was your hat suppose to stay on?”

A small sample from the boxes of clip on earrings. I already have some similar to the ones in the bottom right and people always comment on them.

From top left clockwise: A pocket hand mirror, a small clutch bag; hand embroided, Christian Dior Sunglasses; I’m guessing from the 60’s..., a small gold locket and a hat pin’ featured below.

From top left clockwise: A reading glasses case with red velvet interior, pearl necklace of my great grandmothers, a rose broach, a old brownies broach and a belt clasp.

This weekend we didn’t get a phone call but a visit from Nana to the beach house. Here are some of the little gems we picked out.

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