Monday, January 19, 2009

passionate chemistry in my mouth

So, on the news the other night they had a spot mentioning how satisfying and stimulating high quality chocolate is. I have been aware of this but am not a biggest chocolate fan as I usually get headaches from them. An unfortunate or fortunate trait I inherited from my mother, depending on how you look at it.

The chocolaterian they interviewed was talking about how when you taste a chocolate properly and really experience it’s flavour its release of endorphins is so great that it gives you the same satisfaction as having sex.

So last week when I went to get a coffee I decided to go to get one from the Chocolate shop down the road. Butlers on Willis Street has a free chocolate with every coffee you buy. Every day I’m going to try a different one. It’s a lovely little treat to get you through the afternoon. And the body really appreciates those much need endorphins get me through the 3.30 itis period.

It is also really nice to have the beautifully crafted sweet with my strong, thick, creamy short black. I love to smell the coffee as I take my first bite, savouring the flavours that melt into the pours of my tongue and into the pockets of my cheeks. The coffee tastes equally as good and when the two combine I can think of nothing else but the passionate chemistry that these two flavours have when catalysed by the enclosure of my mouth. Yum.

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