Wednesday, January 7, 2009

our not so secret garden

I love coming home to the farm, but I especially love going home just before Christmas because the garden looks beautiful. The hydrangeas are bursting to the brim, the miniature roses creep along the roof top and the lilies spanning in all colours of the rainbow stand tall and proud, soaking in the all the sunshine while they tinkle their toes in the lake edge. And everywhere I turn there are flowers.
I secretly pretend I’m in the movie the Secret Garden. (Because secretly I actually believe my life is a movie*) There are pretty colours everywhere and when I search a little it is not long before I come across evidence of a friendly creature or two.

*I was informed the other day that this is an actual disorder call the Truman Syndrome. This was developed after the 1998 movie the Truman show. But I just laugh to myself as I know the cameras are out there.

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