Monday, January 5, 2009

tea bangle set

I’m back from holiday, and while back in the office pretty stoked to be back in this ghost town of a city.

I promise,
(more to myself than anyone else) to update sweetpea with my ever so sweet adventures but first I had to jot down my favourite post of the day.

I came across the work of Lindsay Pemberton, thanks to a post by Kate Elliot.
Some pictures of her Tea Bangle Set are below.

I just love tea cups, like really love them, my dream is to one day open a beautiful tea house filled with beautiful tea cups. So I think this idea is ever so sweet. I’m head over heels in love.

Also you will notice that Lindsay is features on the website clever bastards. I also am very supportive of this site as it is supporting the fantastic, local talent of Aotearoa.
I especially love the write ups on the Clever Bastards themselves, such interesting people, and it’s so nice to see them photographed in their own environments. If you know someone who should be featured on this site or rather fancy your own cleverness make sure you check it out to get some well deserved recognition.

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