Thursday, January 8, 2009

a days outing to the antique capital

A couple of days over our new year’s trip to the Coromandel we had a bit of rain. While I was a little sad about missing out on potential prime sun bathing days I was also rather excited as it meant I had an excuse to go back to Paeroa (the home of L&P) and check out the antique shops. (It is the antique capitol you know.)And it was indea everything it leads us to believe; Interesting and more often than not, downright Unusual!

When I was younger my parents would always stop at antique shops. And of course it was the most boring thing in the world because antique shops are in the quietest towns where all that exists are small town cafes (filled with soggy asparagus rolls) and antiques shops, boar.

Now however my taste buds have grown and not only do I like asparagus rolls but I also love antique shops! I love looking at all the old things and the way they are displayed in the shops. You have to fosic, open draws and lift things to discover the precious 1810 newspaper that lines the old hat box at the bottom of the pile. The funny smell; a mix between wood polish and moth balls and the small cramped spaces where everything has been thrown together in an anything kind of goes fashion.

Some of these beautiful gloves were made with the most beautifully crafted lace and they use to be gardening gloves! I brought some lovely driving gloves made with a mix of leather and lace for $3. Old fur coats that were in amazing nick and were as cheap as chips. And not just a few but racks of them, in different styles, colors and styles. I collect tea cups, so was taken with one store that had tea cups lining the skirting boards. However nothing took my eye, I’m a bit fussy and have to feel a real connection with a tea cup in order to buy it, so didn‘t make a purchase that day. I got talking to one of the shop owners and she told me that pocket makeup mirrors, bags and a whole dining room table that was cover with jewellery (all of it costume of course) had come from one house. It’s rather sad to think people die and all their belongings get taken to stores to be sold for a pittance. But then again I think that’s why I like antiques. Because they have a story, a life, emotions. I find them comforting; almost like friends... man that’s sad isn’t it. Ha, I’m glad I don’t take myself too seriously.

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