Sunday, January 25, 2009

sort it out wellington!

The headlines said it all of today’s Dompost ‘Longshots, long queues at Wellington Cup’. Once we finally got to Trentham race on the hot sticky trains that were crammed to the brim we had wait in queues of 20mins* to get R18 wrist bands. But that wasn’t the end of the never ending lines. There were queues for Africa; to the toilets (which were port-a-loos), queues to get across to the inner field and then queue to get booze. After another 20mins of standing in line waiting for a cold refreshing beverage the bar closed! Yes closed!

I’m usually okay at these kind of events. I have worked and still work a bit of hospo so understand there are lines. But really this was just rediculous! After an hour of being there this was the final straw! It was time to leave.
So we packed up our things and headed back home for a BBQ. We left without touching a drop of booze, placing a single bet or even seeing a single horse!

Ha, who would have guessed? Well at least I felt pretty in my ruffled dress, vintage driving gloves with matching hand bag and 2 inch heels.

It makes me wonder how on earth we will ever coup with the world cup!

• My friends and I only waited about 3 minutes as we invented a side queue and were served rather promptly.

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